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Devices for Servo System complementation (Drive Goods)

Network amplifier junction terminal block
  DG2SV3TB Network Amplifier Junction Terminal Block Proposing on external signal wiring/installation for MR-J5-G, MR-J4-B(-RJ) , and MR-J4-GF(-RJ)  
FLS/RLS/DOG signal-specialized network amplifier terminal block
  Mechanical Signal Terminal Block for B-TYPE For MR-J4(W)-B(-RJ) and MR-J4-GF(-RJ) Compact terminal blocks designed specifically for the FLS/RLS (stroke limit) and DOG (proximity dog) signals  
Junction terminal block for servo motors with brakes
  Junction Terminal Block for Servo Motors with Brakes When the sequential circuit of the brake in the servo system's cabinet is used for lifting operation with an MR-J4-B or MR-J3-B servo amplifier connected, the installation space of the circuit can be saved. Also, time-saving wiring can be achieved.  
Instantaneous power failure protection module for servo amplifiers
  Instantaneous Power Failure Protection Module for Servo Amplifiers Deceleration energy charging can be used as a measure for instantaneous power failure and prevent heating for MR-J4 servo system.  
SSCNET-compatible hydraulic control unit
  SSCNET III/H Analog Speed Command Unit 7Proposing control by a hydraulic servo, servo valve and V/F invertersusing an SSCNETIII/H compatible Motion controller or simple Motion module  
General-purpose interface amplifier junction terminal block
  General-Purpose Interface Amplifier Junction Terminal Block Proposing the external signal wiring and installation of Mitsubishi Electric general-purpose AC servo amplifiers, extension I/O units for AC servo amplifiers, and our SSCNET III/H analog speed command unit