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FL-net (OPCN-2) Interface module ER-1FL2-T

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FL-net system with MELSEC iQ-R series products

MELSEC iQ-R series products manufactured by Mitsubishi are available for constructing an FL-net (OPCN-2) system.
The FL-net (OPCN-2) can be interconnected to devices such as programmable controllers,computerized numerical controllers (CNC),
and personal computers which are manufactured by various manufacturers,providing control and monitoring.

  • Two types of communication functions to match the application
    • Common memory function that uses cyclic transmission to allow each node to always share the same data
    • Message communication function that allows only the required data to be exchanged when needed

  • Easy programming
  •  The module supports the functions of GX Works3 manufactured by Mitsubishi,making programming easier.
    • Event history
    • Module diagnostics
    • Intelligent function module monitor
    • Module label
    • Module FB (Function block)
  • Masterless and large-scale network
  • Absence of a master enables each node to connect or disconnect to the network, without affecting the communication of the other nodes.

    In addition, the nodes can be powered on/off or maintained freely, and a maximum of 254 modules (*1) can be connected to the network.

    *1 Of the 254 modules, 249 can be used for control.
      The remaining five modules are assigned for failure diagnosis.
    Support message list
    1:1 1:n
    Server function Client function
    Byte block read ○ (* 1)
    Byte block write ○ (* 1)
    Word block read ○ (* 1)
    Word block write ○ (* 1)
    Network parameter read
    Network parameter write ○ (* 1)
    Operate/stop command ○ (* 1)
    Device profile read
    Log information read
    Log information clear
    Message return ○ (* 1)
    Transparent message transmission
    Server function
    Functions that create a response frame for the request message that has been received and send it.
    Client function
    Functions that send the response message and receive the response frame.
    *1Realized by the transparent message transmission
    Module FB list
    FB Name
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_Initialize_R Sets the network parameter area of the local node.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_ByteBlockRead_R Reads the byte block.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_ByteBlockWrite_R Writes the byte block.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_WordBlockRead_R Reads the word block.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_WordBlockWrite_R Writes the word block.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_NetworkParameterRead_R Reads the network parameter/join node information.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_NetworkParameterWrite_R Writes the network parameter.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_OperateCommand_R Issues the operation command.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_StopCommand_R Issues the stop command.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_DeviceProfileRead_R Reads the device profile.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_LogInformationRead_R Reads the log information.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_LogInformationClear_R Clears the log information.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_MessageReturn_R Returns the message.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_SendTransparentMessage_R Sends the transparent type message.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_ReceiveTransparentMessage_R Receives the transparent message.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_RefreshCyclicDataOther_R Refreshes the cyclic data of other nodes.
    P+MEE-007ER-1FL2-T_RefreshCyclicDataLocal_R Refreshes the cyclic data of the local node.
    Performance specifications
    Standard Protocol specification for control network
    standard (JIS B 3521) FL-net (OPCN-2) Ver.3 (*1)
    Data transmission speed 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
    Communication mode 10BASE-T Half-duplex
    100BASE-TX Full-duplex/Half-duplex
    Transmission method Base band
    Maximum segment length 100m (length between hub and node) (*2)
    Maximum number of nodes in system 254
    Maximum number of cascade connections 10BASE-T: maximum four stages (*3)
    100BASE-TX: maximum two stages (*3)
    Cyclic data volume Maximum (8 k bits + 8 k words)/system
    Maximum (8 k bits + 8 k words)/node
    Message data volume Maximum 1024bytes
    Link data
    Common memory area Area 1 (bit area): 8 k bits
    Area 2 (word area): 8 k words
    Message area
    (Transient area)
    Maximum 1024 bytes×2
    (1 for each of transmit and receive)
    Number of occupied I/O points 32 points
    Internal current consumption (5VDC) 0.54A
    External dimensions 106(H)×27.8(W)×110(D)mm
    (Base unit mounting side: 98mm(H))
    Weight 0.17kg
    *1 Since there is no compatibility between FL-net (OPCN-2) Ver.3 and FL-net (OPCN-2) Ver.1, connections and communications
       are not allowed between these versions.
    *2 The maximum segment length of the Ethernet cable is 100m. However, the length may be shorter depending on the
       operating environment of the cable. For details, contact your cable manufacturer.
       For details, contact your cable manufacturer.
    *3 This applies when a repeater hub is used. For the number of levels that can be constructed when using
    Product configuration
    Model Remarks
    FL-net (OPCN-2)
    Interface module
    ER-1FL2-T ・ER-1FL2-T (Module)
    ・User’s manual
     (Hardware Edition)
    Byte block write ER-1FL2-T-M1J Specifications and
    programming of the
    FL-net (OPCN-2)
    Interface module
    Word block read ER-1FL2-T-M1E